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By | November 1, 2018

Snapseed for iPhone/ iOS

Snapseed for iPhone is a very powerful photo editing app for iPhone or iPad. While iOS already has a basic photo editing software inbuilt into its Photos app but Snapseed performs everything better and has even way more features.

Snapseed creates a good balance between an amateur and a professional photo editing. There is a typical level of adjustments for exposure, contrast, highlights, etc. but there is also a bunch of filters for quick editing.t like. Filters are not like the one that came with Instagram. You should definitely give Snapseed a try.

All the editing is non-destructive so that you don’t have to worry about losing the original picture. If you don’t like the editing, you can undo the changes and go back to the original photo. For professional users, there is a spot removal brush which helps to remove small blemishes from the photos.

Snapseed for iOS- User-friendly Interface

The Snapseed app is mainly built for the mobile interface as it involves touch to edit the photos. It gives you the freedom to swiping left and right to control the strength of edits. Everything is logically described and is very easy to use. Tools are portrayed in a grid which makes it easy to understand what each of them performs. You can also zoom in pictures and see your edits even more clearly. Effects and filters in Snapseed work very well, although some filters make photos look too dramatic. But you can also tune the image according to your liking. There is a slight learning curve to use the app but most of the users will be able to pick it up within a few minutes.

Snapseed’s easy user interface and set of features make it one of the best photo editing apps for mobile so far. The app is designed for touch use and it makes the adjustments very easily. If you like editing your photos in detail like professionals then Snapseed must be your first choice.

Snapseed for iphone

Snapseed for iPhone- Most Demanded app

People are in love with Nik Software’s Snapseed iOS photo-editing app since its release last year, and it is pretty clear that people have loved this app and which resulted in its fine success as Apple awarded Snapseed an iPad-app-of-the-year award for 2011.

The editing filters and features are organized in an intuitive order which is according to the general approach which people would choose. You can start with Tune Image, where you’ll find slider options for saturation, brightness, contrast, shadows, warmth, and ambiance. You can also choose from six filters which edit the image automatically – Automatic, Dark, Bright, Neutral, Balanced, and Moody. Each gives the image a slightly different tone and coloring, and when you click one, you’ll see the sliders move accordingly.

The Snapseed for iPhone App also has the Nik Software’s signature Control Point feature, which lets the user make very selective edits to photo. Once you’re finished with the basic edits, you can also crop and straighten your photo. Moreover, you can also use the Detailed tools, which include Sharpness and Structure. After all, it is all about your imagination to use the filters and special effects to make your photo look good. You can directly download the app by clicking on the below link.

Click here to Download Snapseed for iPhone!!

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