Snapseed Alternatives for Windows

By | October 31, 2018

Snapseed Alternatives for Windows(10/8/7), iphone, mac, Android Download

Snapseed has been always the strong force in image editing for a long time now, but now competitors are increasing day by day – some for free, some paid for, some even work in the windows. Here are some Snapseed Alternatives for Windows:

PaintShop Pro

PaintShop Pro – Snapseed’s long-term rival. It is the cheapest app for image editing as compared to the value of other editing apps. But it lacks some of the Snapseed’s advanced features, and it is better in different ways if compared to its competitors, but it is still a capable editor.

Snapseed Alternatives for Windows



Aperture is an Apple’s professional photo management and manipulation tool, but it will be replaced by Apple Photos in the near future. Being Apple’s long-standing photo editor, Aperture is the most efficient ways of tweaking group of photos, and is best for small adjustments too. This magnifying loop tool is amazingly effective. It is very simple to use as compared to its other competitors and can be used in conjunction with iPhoto.


Apple Photos

Another Snapseed alternative for Windows is Apple Photos is the successor to Aperture and iPhoto. This tool is an apple’s replacement for both iPhoto and Aperture. A preview was made available of this app, which is fast and loaded with enough tools to make photo editing and tweaks easy.

Snapseed Alternatives for Windows


Another Snapseed Alternatives for Windows is Google’s Picasa is a photo editing tool with inbuilt editing functions. Picasa is Google’s photo editor and manager. It plugs into Google+ and is a simple organiser which can be accessed through the app or even on the web. It has sufficient tools to quickly tune the photos, with few fancy filters inbuilt in it.


Microsoft Paint

Microsoft’s long-standing Paint image editor is still in demand and is Microsoft’s original image editor. It has changed a bit in recent years but still, it is a solid and basic image editor. Microsoft Paint is worth a go for at least once, or for simple cropping and resizing jobs that really don’t require something powerful as Photoshop.




Another Snapseed Alternatives for Windows is Pic monkey is fast and effective app for small edits without using any extra software. PicMonkey is free and browser-based image editor with a solid set of feature for simple photo touchups, adding texts to images and also adding frames. Images can be taken from computer or various cloud services, including Dropbox and Flickr. A paid version is there to upgrade the app which removes the ads and gives access to more fonts, effects and styles.

Snapseed Alternatives for Windows



Another Snapseed Alternatives for Windows is Fotor is a Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android app. Fotor is a free image editor which is available on all platforms either in app or web app from where you can easily download this app. It has a good list of tools, each with an easy-to-use sliding scale of effect. Batch editing and filter tools are the bonus you will be getting along.



BeFunky is a browser-based photo editor. It is a quick and easy-to-use image editor that more or like Instagram on the iPhone and Android, but with a few more tools. This web app is simple and solid for quickly editing the photos before sharing them on social media.


Photoshop Touch

Adobe’s mobile version of Photoshop is an advanced app capable with a touchscreen image editor. Photoshop Touch is Adobe’s touchscreen mobile based app, but it is not as powerful or rich as its namesake. It has a list of few photo filters and some decent touchup tools. But its biggest USP is integration with Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which is very useful for desktop Photoshop users.

Snapseed Alternatives for Windows




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    Snapseed for PC is a highly capable photo editing application made by Google that aims to provide users with the ability to streamline their editing process and easily achieve fantastic results without boggling down in complicated UI elements or editing procedures.


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